Task 9, Question 13

So far you have looked at different aspects of your chosen e-commerce site. These have included basic business figures such as turnover, profit, etc., the position of your business in relation to its competitors, and how easy it is to find your e-commerce business using key terms in different search engines. This week your task is to construct a list of key phrases that describe your chosen e-commerce business. The final shortlist should be no more than twelve key phrases.


Quickly after I started researching keywords on Sports direct I quickly started to get bombarded with a lot of useful and not meaningful keywords that wouldn’t look acceptable in an adwords advertisement. So, I came across a web article by Dave Chaffey that gave me some more information and great tools to look at when picking my keywords. In my experience, I found that some of the independent tools I came across worked much better than the Google Tools, which gave me some strange answers like Google Correlate.  Even though I was getting a lot of strange keywords it was quite easy then to pick the twelve keywords for my advertisement because they stuck out from the rest.  As you can see I did use a lot of different tools and varied from independent tools to the more frequently used Google tools. The tools that I thought where the most helpful where Google trends, ubersuggest.com and keywordtool.io and this is probably where my 12 keywords are coming from.

My 12 Keywords are:

  • Sports Direct Jobs
  • Football Boots
  • Sports Direct Promo Codes
  • Sports Direct Free Delivery
  • Sports Direct Trainers
  • Nike at Sports Direct
  • Addidas at Sports direct
  • Sports shoes
  • Sports Direct Vouchers
  • Football Shoes
  • Sports Direct UK shops
  • Sports Direct Returns

I feel that these 12 key phrases best describe Sports Direct from looking at different searching techniques and tools, these phrases would suit perfectly into an adwords campaign.

Sports Direct as well as having a heavy dominance in online retail their high street retail is very good with having shops all over the UK so I feel that Sports Direct job would have a great interest to it and would generate a lot of clicks to the advertisement. This is just an example of the reasoning I am giving in how I generated these 12 phrases as I feel that these phrases would generate the most clicks if they were ads.



Keyphrase Analysis Tools – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

In-text: (Chaffey, 2017)

Your Bibliography: Chaffey, D. (2017). Keyphrase Analysis Tools – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice. [online] Smart Insights. Available at: http://www.smartinsights.com/search-engine-optimisation-seo/seo-analytics/keyphrase-market-potential-software/ [Accessed 11 May 2017].

Google keyword

google keyword

When using the google keyword tool I felt like it has been updated quite recently and I followed a coupgoogle keyword1le of tutorials on how to use it but they were just quite different I set up two different accounts and used different settings although my results were quite disappointing.





Keyword.io result


Word tracker.com result


uber suggest
Ubersuggest.com result
google correlation
Google Correlation result




google trends
Google trends results 





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