Task 7, Question 11

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a phrase used to describe a network of remote servers that are used on the internet to store, manage and access data. This can be used for a wide variety of applications such as gaming, e-commerce, social media and emailing. Cloud computing can be used with great effect for e-commerce through website sales. Many websites will now allow a person to create an account on their website and use it for purchasing from that business. This allows all sorts of things to be stored on that server such as billing and delivery details as well as the customers preferences and previous purchases. This can be very beneficial to a customer as it will streamline the whole process of purchasing items. However if this system was to crash all of this could be lost and would cause problems for the business as well as this having all this information on a server leaves it vulnerable to hacking. If this was to occur many customers could be stolen from leaving major problems to both company and customer. This means businesses must ensure all that information is safe and creating a system where it is safe and maintaining that system can be very costly to a business. However in an ever increasing web orientated culture cloud computing is extremely beneficial and is nearly a necessity to all large businesses.

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