Task 5, Question 7

Terms and Conditions of online Purchase

The company has a returns policy that states that you will receive a voucher for the same amount as the price of the item/items. This could be seen as inconvenient to customers and isn’t as good as other competition but does ensure that any money that is spent I kept in the company, although a refund policy may be better for customer relations. The company has a reasonable exchange rate for many different currencies some of which are; Euros is 12€, US Dollars is $16. This can be very convenient for customers that may be from nearby countries of a different currency. The company has a free delivery policy that will deliver for free on orders that at over £10. This policy would be very convenient to customers that may not be able to get to a store and also the pricing required for this is very reasonable. For those that do go in store however the website also has a click and collect service that is free of charge. The company’s terms and conditions are mostly reasonable and some are better than other businesses however some are a little unreasonable such as their returns policy. This leaves the businesses terms and conditions in an average standing alongside their competition.


Website Terms and Conditions | SportsDirect.com . 2017. Website Terms and Conditions | SportsDirect.com . [ONLINE] Available at:

http://www.sportsdirect.com/customerservices/termsandconditions/websitetermsandconditions. [Accessed 17 April 2017].


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