Task 4, Question 5

Explore the processes involved in purchasing from your chosen site. Describe the different steps in these processes in terms of the technology that is being used, from typing the web address into the browser to a product being delivered.


The sports direct website it quite easy to find if you type in sportsdirect.com in a search bar the website will appear and if you key in sports direct, sports or direct into the

Searching ‘Direct’ and the result

search engine it will appear on the first page of results, so the PR is quite high for sports direct. I decided to purchase a football shirt from the website. I used there drop-down menu for this task and it was really easy to use. It dropped down all the different leagues that the supply and within their sub category of the leagues they had the different teams supported by their football crest to help support users visually. I chose a Manchester United top.



The easy to use drop-down menu for football shirts
The pop up window letting you get a name on the back of the shirt

Once you choose what different kind of top you want from the well laid out option screen you brought into a separate page for more details of that specific top. You can then choose your size of the top, it has validation where it will not let you add the top to your basket until you have chosen the size of your top. It then brings up an input box on the same screen asking you if you would like a number or name on the top which is very easy to use. To proceed to the checkout, you then go into a linear website navigation where you must fill out your credentials. Overall it is quite simple to buy a

My basket

product from sports direct and they use web technology very well for the easiest possible experience for the user. I also looked at reviews online for sports directs website but the only reviews I could find where ones on errors with order processing so people must be happy enough with the website design.



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