Task 4, Question 6

New channels to market for e-business are increasingly being used. Such channels include mobile device access as well as digital television access. Consider and describe the potential future impact of ONE of these channels for the e-business you have chosen from the perspective of the business. What strategic choices (if any) need to be made?

As the world becomes more developed more of today’s society are using their electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops to purchase goods online instead of visiting stores and purchasing there. This is understandable as using these channels such as apps can be a lot easier and quicker for customers to buy from and it is definitely a lot more accessible.

Sports Direct currently have an application for mobile phones and tablets which has proven to be quite a success as a lot of customers are using it to purchase their goods. This is great for the business and for shareholders. The development of the application also led to a lot of new jobs within Sports Direct as there were people required from an IT background to develop and maintain the application. It also led to a lot of more jobs in areas concerning deliveries.blog 3

However far down the line the success of the mobile application and also the website could overtake the actual stores in sales which could lead to some of the lesser performing stores closing down which also leads to employees of Sports Direct being left without a job. If this was to happen Sports Direct could receive very bad press which again could lead to a loss of customers which happened when the working conditions of some of the staff were exposed.

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