Task 3 Question 1

Examine the web site that you have chosen. Please provide a short description of the web site in everyday language and insert screen shots of the web site.

The website that we have chosen is Sports Direct. Whilst browsing through Sports Direct’s

pop up
Pop up whenever you first load webpage

the first thing that came up was a pop up box for a deal that is now on which I found very in your face but can be a wonderful way to market other people. I found the website is very visually funding with Images throughout the site leading you into further sub category’s. The website uses a lot of moving slide shows to try and catch the user with deals that is happening. In my opinion I feel like it’s too much and can be very overpowering.

The drop-down menu on the Sports Direct website


The website also has a large drop down menu so you can actually find what you are looking for in just two clicks of coming into the page which is very good feature, this drop-down menu stays consistent throughout the page. Convenient features

currency converter
Brilliant Feature within the Sports Direct website the Currency Converter.

in the page would be the search bar so you can look up a specific item. There is a currency converter also so you can see the items prices in a range of different currency which is very convenient. The page also has a filter of searches when you are looking at items which is standard now for online retail. Overall the page is laid out quite well and uses good contrast and is very easy to navigate throughout. The only downside I would feel is that in the homepage and in sub category pages they use a lot of pictures and slideshows which can be confusing and distracting.



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