Task 3, Question 2

Use some search engines or industry sources (e.g. trade magazines on-line, Financial Times, etc.) to carry out desk research to find out specific quantitative information about the size of the business behind the web site. Try to determine figures for turnover, number of employees, and profit for recent years. Please do so without directly contacting the company.

After carrying out my research online of Sports Direct I found a lot of information on their recent figures and a lot of information on the technological infrastructure supporting the business.

Sports Direct is a huge business hiring over 17,207 employees across 670 stores worldwide, hence why it’s the UK’s largest sporting goods retailer. Since the launch of the Sports Directs website the overall sales and income has substantially increased. The website makes shopping more accessible for customers and this is why profits/sales are continually rising. For example online sales in 2014 increased by 11.2% resulting in an overall profit of £240 million and by 14.4% in 2015 resulting in an overall profit of £241.4 million. Sports Direct continually offer great quality products and a wide range of products always and this is why we can see such an increase in profits year after year up to 2015. For example overall profits including online sales increased by 40% in 2013 and 15% in 2014 which are huge figures in the business world.

In 2016 however the company saw their profits fall by 57% in the first half of 2016 and this was down to two main issues. Mainly because of the effect ‘Brexit’ had on the business. Trading within the EU and taxes is why there was such a drop in profits. Secondly the business was receiving bad press because of their employees working conditions and how they were treated and this resulted in people not buying from there as a moral choice and led to a loss of profits again.


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